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Leaf Pick Up Information


Limbs and branches must not exceed 4 feet in length and 4 inches in diameter. Clippings and small branches should be bundled and tied (using rope or heavy duty cord). Smaller clippings or brush, etc can be boxed or bagged. When bagging or boxing brush, please do not put any other trash in with it. The size of the limbs or branches must still be adhered to when dropping them off. Roots or stumps will not be picked up nor can they be dropped off for composting. Any wood that is a building construction material can not be picked up or dropped off for composting. Logs can be dropped off at the compost area but will not be picked up.


First Ward 1st Wednesday of the month
Second Ward 2nd Wednesday of the month
Third Ward 3rd Wednesday of the month
Call (724) 547-1930 for pick up
$25.00 per truck load to haul


Leaves can be brought to thc area or can be picked up by the Street Department as in the past. If the leaves are brought to the compost area please dump leaves from bags. The bags are to be taken with you. No other types of yard waste will be accepted other than the limbs and branches. If you would like the Street Department to pick tbe leaves up at you property please put them at the curb in a pile and call (724) 547-1930 NO roots or stumps, NO thorns, NO grass, NO weeds.

Composting Information

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